Computer tricks

01)see your performances in PC / Copmuter Management window
   -Start > Run and type "eventvwr.msc"

02)How to log in to Microsoft System Configuration
   -Start > Run > type "msconfig"

03)Refresh desktop F5.   

04)Windows key + M allows you to minimize all of your open windows.

05)Alt + tab this allows you to easily scroll through all the windows you have open.

06)Alt + F4 this shortcut is a quick way to close a windows in any program.

07)Windows key + Pause Break you to goto the "System Properties"

08)ctrl + Alt + Del open "windows task manager"

09)Alt + F file menu options in current program.

10)Alt + E edit options in current program.

11)Home go to beginning of current line.

12)End go to end of current line.

13)Ctrl + F4 close window in program.

14)Shift + F10 simulate right click on selected item.

15)Windows key + D bring desktop to the top of other windows.

16)Windows key + R open the run window.

17)How to open the Registry
   -Start > Run > type "regedit"

18)To search computer 'from Safe mode'
   -when computer restart click "F8" button

19)Opening Microsoft system configuration utility
   -Start > Run > type "msconfig"

20)You want full information about your computer
   -Start > Run > type "dxdiag"

21)You want to make your own font in Xp
   -Start > Run > type "eudcedit" you will open Private Character Editor

22)Short cut to open Run
   -Press winkey + r

23)Start your pc very fast
   -Frist click start button then press Run and type Regedit then press Enter
   -this will open Registery Editor now look for the key
   -Now then find the key called "Startup Delay" double click on it now where its base click decimal now its default value is 4800000 change the value to 40000 here u go u have done it now close the Resistery Editor and Restart your computer.

24)Go to any drive
   -Make a folder named "con"

25)Even Bill Gates couldn't answer why this happen
   -Open Microsoft word and type
   -"=rand(200,99)" this code

   -And then press Enter now u can add other numbers to this code

26)How to make your desktop icons transparent
   -Go to Control panel > System > Advanced > Performance area > Settings button visual effects tab use shadows for icon labels on the desktop

26)How to rename the Recycle Bin
   -To change the name of the recycle bin desktop icon open regedit and go to

   - HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID/{645 F FO40-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}

   -And change the name "Recycle bin" to whatever you what.

27)Want to record sound in computer without any software Run > type sundrec32

28)Note pad trick
   -Write .LOG as the first line of the file and press Enter.

29)How to hack a password
   -Keylogger : this is the software which you will need just install it and then set it to hidden mode and allow others to open their emails and anything else.

30)See the Purchasing date Of PC

  1st go to Start then click in Program > Accessories > SystemTools > System Information
  Now see the BIOS Version/Date
  It is ur original purchasing date
  For windows 7
  1st go to - Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Performance Information and Tools \ Advanced Tools > View Advanced System Details in System information
  Now this is ur original purchasing date

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