Office Keyboard Tricks

01)Opening a word file Ctrl+N

02)Open a new page Ctrl+S

03)Save a file Ctrl+S

04)Print a file Ctrl+P

05)To undo  Ctrl+Z

06)To  redo Ctrl+Y

07)Cut something Ctrl+X

08)Copy something Ctrl+C

09)To paste Ctrl+P

10)Select all Ctrl+A

11)To find words Ctrl+F

12)Bold selected words Ctrl+B
13)Italic selected words Ctrl+I

14)Underline selected words Ctrl+U

15)Go to Microsoft Visual Basic Alt+F11

16)® to get this mark Ctrl+Alt+R

17)™ to get this mark Ctrl+Alt+T

18)To go to print preview Ctrl+Alt+I

19)Select a text highlight color pen Ctrl+Alt+H

20)To resize word window Ctrl+Alt+N

21)How to create this Ctrl+Alt+>

22)Want to go Draft Ctrl+Alt+N

23)Center a paragraph Ctrl+E

24)To justify Ctrl+F

25)Align right Ctrl+R

26)Take a page break  Ctrl+Enter

27)Single space lines Ctrl+1
28)Double space lines Ctrl+2

29)1.5 line spacing Ctrl+5

30)Close document  Ctrl+W

31)Create a new folder Alt+4

32)To show keyboard short cuts in word/Excel interface F10

33)To save as Alt+1

34)To get keyboard short keys press Alt

35)Create a chart F11(Excel)

36)Enter the current time Ctrl+Shift+; (Excel)

37)Enter the current date Ctrl+; (Excel)

38)Insert new worksheet Alt+Shift+F1  

39)Specifing a password
  -Open save as dialog box
  -Tools drop down list
  -Select gemneral options dialog box
  -then give a password to your excel worksheet 

40)Refresh desktop F5.   

41)Windows key + M allows you to minimize all of your open windows.

42)Alt + tab this allows you to easily scroll through all the windows you have open.

43)Alt + F4 this shortcut is a quick way to close a windows in any program.

44)Windows key + Pause allows you to goto the "System Properties"

45)ctrl + Alt + Del open "windows task manager"

46)Alt + F file menu options in current program.

47)Alt + E edit options in current program.

48) Home go to beginning of current line.

49)End go to end of current line.

50)Ctrl + F4 close window in program.