40 blog promoting Tricks

40 Naughty Free Blog Promoting Tricks

1)             Advertise your blog on social sites Ex: Facebook,Twitter etc.
2)             Follow other blogs.
3)             Tell to friends.
4)             Create a page or group about your blog on Facebook & put blog updates.
5)             Write about your personal life.
6)             Ask questions from your visitors.
7)             Share some secrets.
8)             Write a Quote of the day.
9)             Have a dynamic content on your blog.
10)       Join Yahoo Answer and put a link on your website to your answers.
11)       Create Polls.
12)       Write some funny things.
13)       Follow up your followers in Twitter.
14)       Stay contact with other bloggers.
15)       Make your blog easy to handle.
16)       Do not put Flash Animations. ( it will waste browsers time )
17)       Do not make your blog too long.
18)       Dream one day your blog will be popular. ( Dreams come true )
19)       Day by day replace new things Ex:- Java Scripts,codes,new Gadjets etc.
20)       Try to create your own Logo.
21)       Ask questions from professionals.
22)       Read articles about “How to popular blog” in internet and place your ideas and experiences.
23)       Give new updates to Facebook uses.
24)       Start a Forum (
25)       Submit to RSS directories
26)       Give some free Stuff.
27)       Start another blog and link it.
28)       Place your comments in other Blog Masters blogs so they will see your blog again.
29)       Change template style and appearance. ( once a month )
30)       Write useful articles.
31)       Start email marketing. ( you want knowledge and experiences for do this )
32)       Introduce your blog to friends and ask faults of your blog.
33)       Replace a page Bookmark in your blog.
34)       Celebrate your blog birthday.
35)       Write an e-book and distribute it to your visitors for free.
36)       Introduce free trust internet money earning programs for your visitors.
37)       Post few interesting pictures.
38)       Submit to general directories.
39)       Submit to Blog directories.
40)       Create free Plugines.
You know new tricks for promoting blog pass a comment.

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